Our aim is to keep things simple, efficient and local so that our customers can focus on rapidly developing their prototypes.

What kind of technologies/capabilities can you incorporate in your prototyping? The heart of our prototypes consists of microcontrollers that control input and output pins.

MakerShop NZ

3D Hobby Club

Need something 3D printed or scanned? Need a 3D printing and scanning workshop for your D.I.Y project? 3D Hobby Club is the place for you, come join us! Long Description 3D Hobby Club is New Zealand's first membership-based 3D printing D.I.Y workshop where everyone is welcome.

We offer: - 3D Printing in-store and online (Email us your models) - 3D Scanning and Post Processing - Mini-Me (We'll scan you and print you) - Workshop for hobbyists and tinkerers to experiment in

Idea Beans

Graphic Design, Signage Management, Signwriting, CNC File Setup, Events and Exhibitions Design, 3D CAD Visuals, 3D Scanning, 3D Printing and Prototyping

Mission We are a 2D/3D creative design company, specialised in 3D CAD visualisations, 3D printing and 3D scanning, as well as 2D graphic design and signage management.

Our main focus is to come up with fresh ideas for all kinds of purposes and needs, and support these ideas with our 2D/3D design and print facilities to turn them into reality!

Please feel free to contact us if you want anything designed and created for your commercial or personal projects.

3D Printing systems

3D Printing Systems Ltd with 8 years experience in distribution and backed by local engineering support and training throughout Australia and New Zealand via its dedicated reseller partners.

3D Printing Systems is a leading provider of the world’s most affordable ready to print Desktop 3D Printers.

3D Printing Systems leads the market in affordable desktop 3D Printers. We are committed to offering personal and professional 3D Printers to be more affordable and with better quality results, that is comparable to high end 3D Printers in the marketplace today.

3D Printing Systems have the largest installed base of out of the box desktop 3D Printers in Australia and New Zealand.

In today’s increasingly competitive, increasingly global marketplace, the challenge facing manufacturing organizations today is to continually accelerate time-to market, while reducing production costs. Being able to quickly design, prototype and test your 3-dimensional designs cost effectively and in-house is essential to move from concept to production parts.

We are the distributors for the UP! Desktop 3D Printers from Delta Marco Factory, Inspire Production 3D printers from Tier Time Technologies and Kevvox SP Series 3D printers from Kevvox.


We like to build stuff, we sell stuff too and are pretty happy to help you find what you need for your next project. We're good like that :)

Long Description MindKits are known for being the Arduino and electronics specialists in New Zealand. Their fantastically friendly service and great knowledge also made them pretty much a one stop shop for advice and great electronics supplies for professionals and hobbyists. They also love to help so if you have questions, ideas or just need a hand - sing out. They're here to help.

MindKits was established in December 2008 by Tim Carr after seeing a lack of sites supporting New Zealanders in learning robotics and physical computing. After working away Sundays tinkering Tim decided it was time there was a site that not only sold robotics kit, sensors and Arduinos but was a place for a community around robotics to grow and have somewhere to share ideas and learning.

MindKits was born out of the need to build a framework to make it easy for anyone interested to enter into the world of robotics and feel supported along the way.

The MindKits team are passionate to see you learn and grow and are always happy to lend a hand. Contact us if there's a project you need some advice on or you need to source parts that we may not stock already. We can generally get nearly anything in and are happy to do so.

The Mind Lab

The Mind Lab is an inter-disciplinary lab designed to contexualise education in a 21st century setting. Programmes are available for children and teachers Long Description The Mind Lab is an inter-disciplinary learning lab designed to contexualise education in a 21st century setting, reflecting best practice teaching methodologies and authentic technology integration to develop skills and knowledge.

While science, technology and discovery are the three pillars of the lab there is a strong focus on convergence between disciplines and blending low tech and high tech approaches to problem solving. Robotics, invention, stop motion animation, gesture based computing, coding and electronics are just some of the many areas used to help facilitate and spark innovation.

The Mind Lab directly responds to the changing role of education and the skills required for the future. Within The Mind Lab the process of creative and technical development includes learning how to test, fail and fix, and the concept of prototyping is promoted. The Mind Lab is committed to the next generation of makers, doers, inventors and creators who will shape the future with new ways of working, thinking and living. While technology is utilised throughout the lab, all technologies are seen as ‘tools of the trade’ rather than being used as consumer based products.

Outside the core programmes and workshops run for children The Mind Lab is committed to the continual development of the teaching profession to help teachers develop new ways of integrating technology and hands-on, project-based-learning in the classroom. The creative environment in the lab has been designed to stimulate creativity, to facilitate open exchange of ideas and to provide an inclusive, sharing space for authentic learning. Mission To inspire students and teachers and to engage them in active, hands on learning that focuses on discovery and technical innovation.