Fab Lab Christchurch

Fab Lab Chch is a community digital fabrication workshop that supports grass-roots innovation. Our goal is to empower people to become the makers and creators of their own world.

The renewal of Christchurch's built environment has activate a range of fresh thinking and innovation around the way we engage with our urban landscape. Fab Lab Chch seeks to capture this innovative thinking and offer citizens a platform to bring their ideas to life

Utopian Crafts

We are a hub for makers, artists, techies, geeks, activists and the like.

We specialise in 3D Printing, Product Design, Craft, and Tech Consultancy. Long Description Welcome to Utopian Crafts.

Utopian Crafts is a Maker Space, Retail Shop and Digital Manufacturing startup.

We specialise in 3D Printing, 3D Modelling, Graphic & Product Design, Art, Crafts, Photography and Technology Consultancy.

There is a whole lot to us:

  1. We 3d print and we can show you how.
  2. We provide a space for crafters around NZ and Australia to showcase their creations at a low commission.
  3. We have classes where we teach technologies, crafts and DIY. We also provide space, tools and material for people to use for their projects.
  4. We have a deep passion for sustainability, DIY and we're anti-sweatshop.
  5. We can advise, design, prototype & 3d print your latest idea to create exactly what you had in mind, or we can teach you how to do it yourself.
  6. Our retail products, materials and sources wherever possible are sustainable, vintage and/or locally made.
  7. We are a community hub, keen on connecting like-minded multi skilled people with projects they might be interested in.

We are ever evolving as a hub, if you have any ideas or want to get involved, get in touch!

MakerShop NZ

Fab Lab Wellington

Fab Lab Wgtn is an invention playground, an incubator of design ideas, a creative ecosystem. Long Description Fab Lab Wgtn is a digital fabrication laboratory equipped with computer-controlled tools able to make almost anything.

Think of Fab Lab as an invention playground, an incubator of design ideas, a maker of possibilities, a creative ecosystem, and a place that gives anyone and everyone the technology to power their ideas.

Part of a growing global network of Fab Labs affiliated to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Fab Lab Wgtn is Australasia’s first and sits within the School of Design at Massey University Wellington. General Information Fab labs provide widespread access to modern means for invention. They began as an outreach project from MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA). CBA assembled millions of dollars in machines for research in digital fabrication, ultimately aiming at developing programmable molecular assemblers that will be able to make almost anything. Fab labs fall between these extremes, comprising roughly fifty thousand dollars in equipment and materials that can be used today to do what will be possible with tomorrow’s personal fabricators.