The Wellington MakerSpace

Do you have a product or prototype idea you’d like to make a reality but don’t have the knowhow or access to the right designers?

The Wellington Makerspace is a full design and build agency that can do all the prototyping, design¸ and production for your business or personal projects!

We also offer:

• Equipment Rental & Sales to Schools • Introductory Workshops for Adults - Laser Cutting & Engraving - 3D Printing - Creating Graphics for Laser, CNC Router or Vinyl

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Our team also has a passion for helping kids learn by making through our charitable arm, the Makerspace Trust. We offer classes for children ages 8-18 and provide professional development for teachers looking to bring making into the classroom throughout the Wellington region.

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Utopian Crafts

We are a hub for makers, artists, techies, geeks, activists and the like.

We specialise in 3D Printing, Product Design, Craft, and Tech Consultancy. Long Description Welcome to Utopian Crafts.

Utopian Crafts is a Maker Space, Retail Shop and Digital Manufacturing startup.

We specialise in 3D Printing, 3D Modelling, Graphic & Product Design, Art, Crafts, Photography and Technology Consultancy.

There is a whole lot to us:

  1. We 3d print and we can show you how.
  2. We provide a space for crafters around NZ and Australia to showcase their creations at a low commission.
  3. We have classes where we teach technologies, crafts and DIY. We also provide space, tools and material for people to use for their projects.
  4. We have a deep passion for sustainability, DIY and we're anti-sweatshop.
  5. We can advise, design, prototype & 3d print your latest idea to create exactly what you had in mind, or we can teach you how to do it yourself.
  6. Our retail products, materials and sources wherever possible are sustainable, vintage and/or locally made.
  7. We are a community hub, keen on connecting like-minded multi skilled people with projects they might be interested in.

We are ever evolving as a hub, if you have any ideas or want to get involved, get in touch!

The Mind Lab

The Mind Lab is an inter-disciplinary lab designed to contexualise education in a 21st century setting. Programmes are available for children and teachers Long Description The Mind Lab is an inter-disciplinary learning lab designed to contexualise education in a 21st century setting, reflecting best practice teaching methodologies and authentic technology integration to develop skills and knowledge.

While science, technology and discovery are the three pillars of the lab there is a strong focus on convergence between disciplines and blending low tech and high tech approaches to problem solving. Robotics, invention, stop motion animation, gesture based computing, coding and electronics are just some of the many areas used to help facilitate and spark innovation.

The Mind Lab directly responds to the changing role of education and the skills required for the future. Within The Mind Lab the process of creative and technical development includes learning how to test, fail and fix, and the concept of prototyping is promoted. The Mind Lab is committed to the next generation of makers, doers, inventors and creators who will shape the future with new ways of working, thinking and living. While technology is utilised throughout the lab, all technologies are seen as ‘tools of the trade’ rather than being used as consumer based products.

Outside the core programmes and workshops run for children The Mind Lab is committed to the continual development of the teaching profession to help teachers develop new ways of integrating technology and hands-on, project-based-learning in the classroom. The creative environment in the lab has been designed to stimulate creativity, to facilitate open exchange of ideas and to provide an inclusive, sharing space for authentic learning. Mission To inspire students and teachers and to engage them in active, hands on learning that focuses on discovery and technical innovation.

MOTAT (Museum of Transport and Technology)

MOTAT opened in 1964 and since then has been explored and enjoyed by millions of visitors. MOTAT is New Zealand's largest transport and technology museum with a focus on creating an interactive and educational experience for its vistors. Long Description The largest museum of its kind in New Zealand, MOTAT offers a fun, interactive, and educational experience. Explore our fascinating exhibitions telling stories of the history and development of New Zealand transport, technology and Kiwi ingenuity.

Visit the original Pumphouse, wander through our historic village or ride the heritage tram to our Aviation Display Hall which houses one of the largest aviation collections in the Southern Hemisphere.

Kids are well-catered for with interactive examples, hands-on technology zone plus our Tinkering Tots gallery which is designed especially for under 5’s.

MOTAT has something for everyone and is known as one of Auckland’s best value attractions. With regular events, school holiday experiences and monthly Live Days, visit to find out what is on at MOTAT for your next visit.